It was reported that the prosecution, who was tracking the flow of funds of Kim Man-bae in relation to the suspicion of the Daejang-dong development project, confirmed a large amount of checks sent to executives of the media.

There was also a statement that he gave the reporter expensive shoes as a gift.

Reporter Han So-hee reports exclusively.

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the process of tracing the funds related to Kim Man-bae, the prosecution confirmed that four checks worth 150 million won were sent to Mr. A, an executive of a central daily newspaper, in the first half of 2019.

Attorney Nam-wook stated in a prosecutor's investigation last year that "Mr. Man-bae Kim asked for 300 million won to buy a house from this media reporter, and he actually gave it to Mr. Kim."

Mr. A said to SBS, “600 million won was borrowed from Mr. Kim,” and “of this, about 200 million won was paid back about a month or two before the Daejang-dong incident, and the rest has been conveyed to Kim after he is released.” revealed.

However, he explained that when he borrowed money, he did not write a separate IOU.

Prosecutors also confirmed the record that a check of 90 million won, among the funds of the Daejang-dong operator, flowed to another central daily newspaper executive, Mr. B, in 2019.

Mr. B presented his account transaction history and explained that he lent 80 million won to Man-bae Kim in 2018, and that the money was returned in 2019.

He said that he thought it was interest for the money he received was 10 million won more than the money he lent.

Prosecutors are also known to have found out that Attorney Nam Wook sent expensive foreign brand shoes to Mr. C, an executive of a comprehensive broadcasting company, in November 2018 at the request of Man-Bae Kim.

Mr. C said, “I have never received a gift from lawyer Nam-wook,” but he did not answer the question of whether he ever received a gift from Mr. Kim.

Kim Man-bae did not give any answer to SBS's question about the reason for handing over the check and gift, but attorney Nam-wook stated to the prosecution last year that "we were able to block all articles about Daejang-dong because we lobbied reporters."

Since the prosecution is related to media executives, it is a policy to verify the details and purpose of the checks and gifts.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, Video editing: Hwang Ji-young)