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college student in his 20s died while crossing a crosswalk when a teenager who rented a car without a license violated a traffic light.

It is confirmed that the 10-year-old, the driver of the offense, rented a vehicle non-face-to-face with someone else's license.

This is a report by TJB reporter Jeongjin Yang.


A white car runs fast and crashes into a pedestrian crossing the crosswalk.

White smoke comes out from the car that hit the pillar and turned around with the impact.

This is the scene of the accident.

The vehicle that was running fast only stopped after hitting this traffic light pole, and the vehicle fragments remain at the scene.

Yesterday (3rd) at around 9:30 am, a pedestrian crossing a crosswalk was hit by a car driven by an unlicensed teenager in Shinkwan-dong, Gongju-si.

At the time, the crosswalk was green, and pedestrians were crossing while observing the signal.

[Accident witness: It was very loud.

like an earthquake

There was a lot of smoke in front.

Only the person who caused the accident opened the door and came out like this and fell down...


The college student in his 20s, who was on his way to see his family after coming down to his hometown for the vacation, was taken to the hospital with CPR in a state of cardiac arrest right after the accident, but eventually died.

The driver rented a car in Daejeon using a car sharing app at 1 am and drove around the Chungcheong area for 8 hours.

On his way home, he fell asleep and violated a traffic light and crashed into a pedestrian.

The 16-year-old driver exploited a loophole that carsharing companies do not verify face-to-face.

[Kang Hee-young/Gongju Police Station Traffic Investigation Team Leader: A minor borrowed someone else's name to a non-face-to-face rental company, in other words, a driver's license and mobile phone, and went through authentication procedures to rent a vehicle.]

Biometrics such as fingerprint recognition when renting Voices are growing that we need to prepare minimum safety devices and systems, such as going through the recognition process.

(Video coverage: Choi Woon-ki TJB)