Yesterday (2nd), the first day of work in the new year, the National Solidarity for Abolition of Disabled Persons resumed the boarding protest, but it ended in 13 hours.

During the protest, 13 subway cars passed through the triangle area without stopping.

Jeon Jeon-yeon announced that he would continue the protest again from 10:30 am today.

This is reporter Bae Jun-woo.


Jeon Yeon-yeon activists announced a 2-day, 1-night demonstration from around 9:10 am yesterday, demanding a budget for the disabled.

The boarding protest ended around 10:10 last night in the Samgak area of ​​Seoul Subway Line 4.

It was a confrontation with 600 police officers and Seoul Transportation Corporation employees for nearly 13 hours.

[Jeon Jang-yeon members: Let me ride the subway!

Let them ride the subway!]

[Warning broadcast: Please stop the protest immediately and leave the station.]

The Seoul Transportation Corporation announced yesterday that a total of 13 subway cars passed through the Samgak area without stopping.

Previously, on the 19th of last month, the court presented a mediation plan regarding the lawsuit for damages filed by the Seoul Transportation Corporation against the Jeon Yeon-yeon.

It was a condition that the construction side install elevators in 19 stations by next year, and the Jeonjangyeon side suspends boarding protests and pays 5 million won per turn to the construction if the operation is delayed for more than 5 minutes due to protests.

Jeon Jeon accepted the adjustment, but Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon rejected it, saying, “It is absurd to delay the subway by 5 minutes, which is a big deal if you are late by 1 minute.”

In the end, due to the refusal of the Seoul Transportation Corporation, the mediation proposal did not come into being, so we will have to go through this trial process.

Jeon Jeon plans to continue the protest again in the Samgak area from 10:30 am today.

(Video coverage: Hwang In-seok, Kim Se-kyung, Kim Nam-seong, video editing: Hwang Ji-young)