On the afternoon of the 2nd, in front of the Ministry of Justice in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province, Minister Han Dong-hoon said, "CEO Lee Jae-myung said that it was ridiculous to hear the sound of money envelopes rustling. How do you see it?" "None of it is funny," he said.

At the same time, he criticized, "If you talk about a distant country, you can laugh, but because it's about our country in 2023, it's not funny, it's just weird."

Previously, Democratic Party representative Lee Jae-myung said at the Supreme Council meeting on the 30th of last month, “I hear a strange sound somewhere.

Representative Lee's remarks were interpreted with reference to the remarks made by Minister Han on the 28th of last month, explaining the reason for requesting the consent to the arrest of Democratic Party lawmaker Noh Woong-rae, saying, "Rep. Roh's voice and even the sound of money envelopes rustling are recorded as they are." It's possible.

In addition, regarding Democratic Party Supreme Council Member Chung Cheong-rae's remarks, "Ogi, like an ugly 7-year-old child, made more votes mobilize, thank you, Han Dong-hoon," Minister Han said, "Is there anyone who can thank the public party for protecting bribery crimes? Members of the National Assembly say they represent and represent the people, but I want to ask which country they represent.”