Recently, an international student community in Vancouver, Canada posted a post asking for advice from a part-time worker at a chicken restaurant, saying, "I don't know why I have to pay for food."

Last month, in an international student community in Vancouver, a Korean owner who runs a chicken restaurant told a part-time student to pay half of the price of chicken that a customer ordered but did not pick up.

According to the text message released by part-time student A, the customer was put in a situation where he had to take responsibility for half of the cost of 3 chickens, which was $75.57 in Canadian dollars, or about 70,000 won in our money, which he did not visit for over an hour.

The owner insisted that the person who received the order be held responsible as the customer's address could not be confirmed.

Regarding this, netizens responded such as "If a lot of chicken is sold, give a bonus" and "If you are going to split the loss in half, split the sales in half."