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scenery of the year-end and New Year holidays has returned to normal after 3 years.

Following the ringing of the New Year's Eve bell, the red light of the first sun of the new year spread through the gathered crowd.

The first babies this year were twins.

Today's (1st) expression was captured by reporter Kim Bo-mi.


[3, 2, 1!]

The New Year's Eve bell-ringing event was held again after 3 years, and 60,000 citizens opened the New Year with strong cheers.

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[Moon Kyung-seon·Kim Seo-yeon: I want to be tall.

(A little taller than this.)]

Flashy fireworks announcing the new year and colorful lasers embroidered the sky,

[Happy New Year, Korea!] At the

same time, the twin siblings burst into tears and came out into the world.

Dad, who was unable to be with us due to the confirmation of Corona 19, blushes with emotion.

[Jung Yun-ja·Moon Sang-soon/Grandmothers of twin siblings: I didn't give too big a blessing twice.

Growing up...


The bereaved families of the Itaewon disaster welcomed the New Year at the Citizen's Incense Center.

[Bereaved family of the Itaewon disaster: As the year 2023 approaches, if her mother has an empty wish, she has not yet been able to release your unfair death, but she will definitely release it...


Sunrise spots across the country have been crowded since early morning.

When the red sun that clears the darkness appears, cheers erupt,

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[Kim Young-seong/Incheon Yeonsu-gu: We are the 3rd generation.

There are 10 people: father, son, daughter, daughter-in-law and grandson.

I am so happy.] Visits

to the tops of mountains in the metropolitan area continued throughout the day, wishing for New Year's wishes.

The symbol of the Year of the Rabbit, the most popular place today is the



The child wanted to see a rabbit at the zoo, so I thought it was going well...


[3, 2, 1 Ding, Wow!]

They shout their New Year's resolutions while soaking in the cold sea.

[It can be done!]

It was a day of throwing away the worries of the old year and making a new resolution of hope in the Year of the Black Rabbit, which symbolizes abundance and prosperity.

[2023 Fighting Fighting Fighting!]

(Video coverage: Kang Hyo-seop · Oh Oh-ryeong · Yoon In-soo · Ko Seong-min JIBS · Kim Tae-hoon · Choi Jin-hyeok KNN · Cho Eun-ki G1 · Yeom Pil-ho KBC, video editing: Shin Se-eun)