2023, the Year of the Cat, the Year of the Black Rabbit has arrived.

Like rabbits crouching and leaping, many citizens started with their own wishes.

Reporter Sagong Seong-geun captured the first moments of the new year.


The first bell-ringing event at Bosingak New Year’s Eve in three years.

60,000 citizens gathered and put their New Year's wishes to the ringing of the bell 33 times.

[Jung Yong-jin/Elementary school 6th grade: I'm entering middle school, I hope I can meet a lot of good friends.]

[Moon Kyung-seon · Kim Seo-yeon: I want to grow taller.

(A little taller than this.)]

Along with colorful fireworks, rainbow-colored lasers fill the New Year's night sky, and messages full of hope climb the walls of buildings.

Unlike last year, many foreigners gathered at Lotte Tower in Jamsil, which became a symbol of the New Year.

[Korea, Happy New Year!]

[He gave birth to a healthy baby weighing 3.09 kg.]

The first baby this year is twins.

The father who shared his first greetings with the children through the screen because he is quarantined with Corona finally blushes.

[Jung Yun-ja/Twin grandmothers: I didn't give you too big a blessing twice.

I hope my son and daughter-in-law will grow up to have a happy family.] Fruit and

vegetable wholesale market merchants celebrated the New Year at work.

[Kwak Hyo-seong/Merchant at Yeongdeungpo Fruit and Vegetable Market: 2022 was very difficult because the economy was not good, and I hope business goes well in 2023 and families go well.] The

bereaved families of the victims of the Itaewon disaster celebrated the New Year at the citizen memorial altar.

I hoped that a proper truth-finding and punishment of those in charge would come true in the new year.

[Bereaved family of the Itaewon disaster: If her mother has an empty wish as she approaches 2023, she has not yet been able to release your unfair death, but she will definitely release it...


The first train of the new year left Seoul Station.

On the train heading to the East Sea, the sunrise passengers hoped that this year would be a better year

(Video coverage: Choi Jun-shik, Video editing: Lee Seung-hee)