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Sites that posted videos featuring victims of sexual exploitation with servers overseas deleted the videos en masse after receiving pressure that the videos were related to sex crimes being investigated in Korea.

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family recently announced that, thanks to the efforts of the Digital Sexual Crime Victims Support Center of the Korea Women's Human Rights Agency, six adult sites that had been refusing to respond to requests for deletion of victimized videos for a long time deleted 8,296 cases of illegal filming.

In the meantime, adult sites have been distributing illegally filmed material to avoid domestic laws by leaving servers overseas.

The D-Sung Center has been requesting the removal of illegally filmed material from the sites since April 2018, when the center's operation began, but rather, they operated a 'Korean' bulletin board and refused to comply with the deletion request.

Among the sites that did not respond to the request for deletion, the D-Sung Center selected 6 sites that contained mass sex crime videos or requested a large number of deletion requests.

Local lawyers emphasized that the video was involved in a group sex crime case under investigation in Korea.

As a result, from the 20th to the 23rd, 8,296 damaged videos were deleted from 6 sites that did not respond to the deletion request for 4 days.

As of the 19th, the deletion completion rate was 33.4% (4,571 out of 13,670), but with this deletion, this rate has risen to 94.1% (12,867).

Since April 2018, D-Sung Center has been providing counseling services for victims of digital sex crimes and support for deleting victims' videos.

As of October of this year, the total number of services provided through the D-Sung Center, such as consultation, investigation, and legal support, increased by 38% compared to October of last year, and among them, support for deleting victim footage increased by 41%.

In particular, for child/adolescent victims, we preemptively inspected and provided support for deletion before the victim applied, and as a result, the number of deletions increased from 40,711 to 47,865 during the same period.

In addition, to respond to the 'L' sexual exploitation case similar to the second nth room, a 9-person dedicated team was formed within the D-Sung Center, and a cooperative system was established with related organizations such as the Korea Communications Commission and the National Police Agency.

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family plans to support the advancement of the system for deleting damaged videos and efficiently delete damaged videos in cooperation with local government support organizations.

Minister of Gender Equality and Family Kim Hyun-sook said, "Digital sex crime is a serious crime that destroys a person's character, and it must be punished severely considering the perspective of the victim and the public." We will strengthen it," he said.