Five accomplices of the 'Villa King' who died not long ago have been booked.

The police have launched a full-scale investigation into the recent charter fraud case.

Today (26th), the police announced that they have investigated the background of Mr. Kim, the 'Villa King', who died without returning the jeonse deposit while owning 1139 houses, and has so far booked 5 people involved.

At today's press conference, Nam Gu-jun, head of the National Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency, said, "We have booked five people, including the landlord, who committed charter fraud through non-capital gap investment."

He also explained, "So far, we have confirmed the damage amount of 17 billion won and are investigating related persons such as the building owner and sales agent."

The investigation into King Villa was conducted by the Financial Crimes Investigation Unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

Police have obtained a warrant for the account and are analyzing the flow of funds.

Regardless of Kim's death, we plan to quickly uncover the facts by investigating those behind the incident and suspected accomplices.

In addition, the National Police Agency received an investigation request from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on the 22nd for 106 suspected charter fraud transactions.

As soon as detailed data are secured, investigations will begin in each region.

The National Police Agency has been cracking down on systematic charter fraud since July of this year.

So far, a total of 360 cases, 822 people have been arrested and 78 people have been arrested.

Director Nam said, "Recently, in a difficult economic situation, there are a lot of damages to deposits of common people due to charter fraud."

Meanwhile, in relation to the Itaewon disaster, the police investigated 36 cases of 'secondary harm', including maliciously slandering victims online and leaking personal information, and handed over 8 suspects to the prosecution.

We have requested deletion and blocking of 553 cases.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is investigating the case where the online media 'Dandelion' and 'Citizen Press The Exploration' disclosed the real names of 155 victims of the Itaewon disaster on their website.

A total of 136 cases and 926 people have been investigated for organized illegal activities such as extortion in the name of union fees at construction sites since January this year.

Of these, 122 were handed over to the prosecution, and 5 were arrested.

The police plan to conduct a strong crackdown by thoroughly investigating the ringleaders and those behind the illegal acts.

Regarding the 'Late Night Drinking Suspicion in Cheongdam-dong', the Seocho Police Station conducted a search and seizure of the person involved, and is investigating and analyzing by securing cell phones and data.

The investigation into the suspicion of stalking Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon is being investigated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and analysis of seizure and search evidence.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency also launched an investigation into the case of accusations against Rep. Shin Hyun-young, who was controversial for boarding 'Doctor Car' at the time of the Itaewon disaster.