Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon announced a strong response to the resumption of the subway ride protest by the National Solidarity for the Elimination of Discrimination against the Disabled.

Mayor Oh posted a post on Facebook today (26th) titled 'Zero Tolerance Principle' and said, "The declaration of resumption of protests at the battlefield is unacceptable."

He continued, "I finished discussions with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency this morning," and added, "If the Seoul Transportation Corporation requests it, the police will respond quickly without delay. The Transportation Corporation president also agreed."

At the same time, he said, "As the mayor, I can no longer neglect the damage and inconvenience of citizens," and said, "In addition to decisive action on the spot, I will take all necessary legal measures, including civil and criminal responses."

Mayor Oh emphasized, "'Accompaniment with the weak', which is the operating principle of Seoul's municipal administration, does not mean that even illegality will be tolerated."

Previously, on the 20th, Mayor Oh proposed a 'truce' to the Jeon Jeon Yeon on Facebook on the 20th, asking the boarding protest to stop until the National Assembly's budget bill is processed.

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On the same day, Jeon Jeon accepted Mayor Oh's proposal and stopped the subway propaganda campaign.

However, when the budget bill was passed on the 24th, it was announced that only 0.8% of the budget for the rights of the disabled, which had been requested so far, was reflected, and that the protests would resume on the 2nd and 3rd of next month, centering on the triangular area.

If Jeon Ji-yeon resumes the subway protest, the city of Seoul plans to file a damages lawsuit.

A city official explained, "According to precedent, the damages lawsuit will be filed by estimating the amount of loss that has occurred to date."

At the end of last year, the Seoul Transportation Corporation also filed a lawsuit claiming 30 million won, claiming that seven protests held from January 22 to November 12 last year by Jeon Yeon-yeon and others were illegal.

On the 19th of this month, the Seoul Central District Court decided to forcefully adjust the main points of 'installing elevators' and 'suspending demonstrations' on the Seoul Transportation Corporation and the Jeonjang Yeon, respectively.

The court ordered the construction company to pay 5 million won per demonstration for delaying train operation by more than 5 minutes.

Jeon Jeon-yeon is scheduled to announce whether or not to accept the court mediation plan on the 2nd of next month.

(Photo = Yonhap News)