A man in his 60s, who had been punished 15 times for violent crimes, drank again and committed an assault case, claiming mental and physical weakness, but was not recognized and sentenced to prison.

Ulsan District Court Criminal 5 alone sentenced Mr. A to eight months in prison for violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Specific Crimes.

In February, Mr. A was charged with kicking and hitting the taxi driver's head several times after getting drunk on a road in Yangsan City, Gyeongnam Province, in the back seat of a taxi.

Mr. A demanded, "I don't have money right now, so I'll pay the fare when I get to my destination, let's leave first," and when the taxi driver didn't start and reported it to the police, he assaulted him.

Mr. A had assaulted a taxi driver before and committed the same crime after being sentenced to prison and released last year.

Mr. A claimed that he was mentally and physically weak at the time, but the judge did not accept it, saying, "He had a history of being punished several times for violence after drinking, so he knew that he could become violent if he drank."

He judged that he was in a situation where he caused mental and physical disorders.

The court said, "The degree of violence was not light, and there was no agreement," and explained the reason for the sentence, saying, "The risk of recidivism is very high, so severe punishment is inevitable."