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Lead] Many people are hesitant to even use the minimum amount of heating amid the continuing bitter cold.

Reporter Park Ha-jung met neighbors who are having a hard time every day as the cold wave rages and the helping hand decreases.


I met an 83-year-old man in Baeksa Village, Nowon-gu, Seoul, uphill on a snowy uphill road covered with icicles. Although his wife, who had a brain hemorrhage operation, is at home, she is worried about her oil price and does not dare to turn on the boiler.

[Park Pyeong-geun/Nowon-gu, Seoul: (per day) I only turn it on for 2 or 3 hours.

Still, (oil) is small, even if you use it sparingly.

(Oil support) It's because they put it in, I can't buy it separately.

I wear thick clothes and leave the electric blanket on.] Even in the

middle of the day, sunlight does not enter the house and the heating is not sufficiently turned on, so the room temperature is only about 11 degrees.

As a neighbor, this elderly man cherishes briquettes again and again.

[Choi Young-moo/Nowon-gu, Seoul: If you save money and take off six sheets, I think it will probably take a month and a half (I think it will be used), so it's not enough for the winter.]

A village briquette warehouse used by about 130 households, filled with briquettes with sponsorship. There are only 500 to 600 sheets in the warehouse where 6,000 sheets will fit.

The amount of briquette donations this year is only 29% of the same period three years ago.

[Han Kwang-wook/Babsang Community Welfare Foundation Briquette Bank Manager: This year's goal for sharing is 3 million, but we still need about 1.3 million more.]

This mother of a single parent family with two children also fears winter the most.

[Mr. A: The house itself is very windy, and the windows are old, so a lot of wind comes in.] As a

basic recipient, you are eligible for an 'energy voucher' and receive subsidy for electricity and gas, but the limit for one year is 275,000 won. , I already wrote this year's supply last month.

[Mr. A: In the case of my son, he is now wearing a blanket like this, but I bought a small stove this time and left it there, but I can't turn it on for a long time.

If you end up with a lot of gas and electricity bills (I can't)]


Kim Hyun-jung/Green Umbrella Children's Foundation social worker: The support amount is small, so it's a particularly heavy burden in winter now.]

There are about 5,000 households.

We desperately need attention and warmth for our neighbors on the eve of Christmas, wishing for peace and love, whether it was such a difficult winter amid record-breaking cold waves and high water prices.

(Video coverage: Yang Ji-hoon · Lee Sang-hak, video editing: Yu Mira)