News summary on the way home from work, evening briefing.

Seoul subway service used to be suspended during rush hours due to protests by groups of people with disabilities, but it seems that this will not happen for the time being.

This is because the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the disabled group (Jeon Jang-yeon), who had been in conflict, decided to ceasefire until the National Assembly budget bill was passed.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon first proposed a truce, and a group for the disabled 'positively accepted'.

The conflict between each other would not have been a war, but the expression 'truce' was used as Mayor Oh's expression.

Oh Se-hoon "Let's ceasefire. If the protest continues, there is no tolerance"

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon posted an article on social media today (20th) titled 'Jeon Jang-yeon Subway Riding Demonstration, Proposes a Ceasefire'. I did.

After introducing the pros and cons of the controversy related to Jeon Jeon's subway protest, Mayor Oh said, "At this point, the voice that needs to be listened to most is the voice of good citizens, saying, 'Don't pass the damage on to innocent neighbors.'" I took a position to emphasize the inconvenience.

The reason for suggesting a ceasefire is to wait and see how the National Assembly proceeds with the budget bill.

Mayor Oh said, "The National Assembly has agreed to increase the budget related to the disabled by accepting the demands of the Jeon Yeon-yeon, etc." So, it is possible to resume the protest after the budget bill is canceled.

Mayor Oh also warned that Jeon Jeon's protests were illegal and that it would be difficult to tolerate if the ceasefire proposal was not accepted.

He concluded his SNS post by saying, "If Jeon Jang-yeon continues the illegal subway ride protest, it is difficult to tolerate it any longer as the mayor of Seoul, who must prioritize the safety and convenience of citizens."

It was a 'truce proposal' with a warning label.

Jeon Jeon-yeon "Actively accepting. I will stop the subway protests"

Jeon Jeon-yeon, who received the truce proposal, decided to 'actively accept'.

"Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon's proposal is accepted as responsible communication," he said, saying he would stop the subway propaganda. 

I also asked President Seok-Yeol Yun and Mayor Se-Hoon Oh, "I hope that the right to de-institutionalization for the disabled can be guaranteed with a budget" and "I hope that the 'Citizenship Train', which only non-disabled people rode, does not stop for the disabled, and now give them a ride."

I sincerely hope that the right to de-institutionalization strongly recommended by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, rather than residential facilities for the disabled, which is a policy of isolation and exclusion, for the disabled to move, receive education, and work. 



For 21 years after the disabled lift crash at Oido Station, the subway has been crying out for 'the right of the disabled to move, receive education, work, and live together in the local community, not in a prison-like facility' with a budget. Sound.

Park Gyeong-seok, CEO Jeon Jeon

As Jeon Jeon accepted the truce proposal of Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, the subway propaganda campaign scheduled to be held at Oido Station tomorrow (21st) was also decided to be suspended.

"No stop" to "guerrilla protest"...

Conflict 'truce'

Jeon Jeon continued the subway boarding protest this morning (20th), and today he protested at Gwanghwamun Station on Subway Line 5.

Yesterday, we also staged a protest by repeatedly getting on and off from City Hall Station on Subway Line 1 to National Assembly Station on Line 9.

Starting yesterday (19th), Jeon Yeon-yeon held a so-called 'guerrilla demonstration' that did not inform the location in advance, in response to the Seoul Transportation Corporation's non-stop operation measures.

On the 12th, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Transportation Corporation decided to operate the subway station where the protest was held without stopping.

Then Jeon Jeon-yeon changed the method of protest to a guerrilla demonstration without prior notice. 

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