When the prosecution recently handed over several third-generation conglomerate families to trial on drug charges, people with tingling feet began to turn themselves in.

The son of a former police chief was also included.

Prosecutors are looking into whether there are more children of conglomerates or social leaders involved in drug crimes.

This is reporter Kang Min-woo on the sidewalk.


[SBS 8 News (Last 2nd): Nine people were handed over to trial for habitually administering cannabis and supplying it to others.]

Prosecutor's office is Namyang Dairy's founder Hong Doo-young, the grandson of honorary chairman Hong Mo and Hyosung family 3rd generation. Cho and Lim, a family member of JB Financial Group, were caught on drug charges and put on trial.

When this news became known, three drug masters recently surrendered themselves to the prosecution, saying that they had purchased liquid hemp from Mr. Hong.

Among them, the son of a former police chief was included, bringing the number of suspects related to this case to 12.

Prosecutors are investigating whether there is any evidence of their involvement in additional drug crimes, and they are paying attention to the fact that many of them are the children of conglomerates or social leaders, and they are personal connections built while studying abroad.

This is because they are known to have secretly distributed and smoked hemp with their own supply lines.

The prosecution plans to trace the drug distribution route through cell phone forensic work on those who surrendered this time and additional investigations into existing drug offenders.

As the government has recently re-emphasized the so-called 'war on drugs',

[Han Dong-Hoon / Minister of Justice (Last 15th, State affairs inspection meeting): (Drug crimes) can be stopped if we stop them like a war from now on.

We will crack down on and punish strong distribution and manufacturing.]

In the legal world, there is a prospect that the prosecution will begin a full-scale investigation into drug crimes targeting influential people such as chaebol families, starting with this case.

(Video editing: Won-hee Won)