Watching series does not have to be an endless marathon.

Here are

five that can be seen in one day if you have a few hours.



The art of manipulation told in nine episodes.

Anna Delvey is a girl capable of fooling everyone in New York

by creating a most unique character.

Nothing less than someone who posed as a very self-assured person with the intention of fooling the elite of the Big Apple.

And with great success, by the way.

To find out if they caught her, you just have to wait until the end.

RIOT CONTROL (Movistar Plus+)

Now that

Rodrigo Sorogoyen

has triumphed in theaters with

As Bestas,

it is a good time to remember a great series directed by this same director.

Nothing less than the fast-paced story of how a group of riot police officers went from stopping an occupation in a corral in Lavapiés to finding themselves in an enormous legal mess.

A story of intrigue, with surprising twists from the second chapter and a huge Vicky Luengo.

Six chapters that make your hair stand on end.


Amanda Seyfried

is the star of a story that sounds like science fiction.

But that it was very real.

That of a young woman recently graduated who managed to capture the attention of some millionaires who wanted to be even more so thanks to her invention.

An ingenuity that has to do with the blood tests that took place

in the craziest years in Silicon Valley.

Eight chapters that demonstrate the errors of savage capitalism.

To subscribe to Disney + you can access here.

THEM (Amazon Prime Video)

Fear, so much fear.

And scenes that make your hair stand on end.

This is a 10-episode series that is much better to watch with the lights off.

In this production, an African-American family moves to a residential neighborhood in Los Angeles in the 1950s. A move that is not well received by their mostly white neighbors.

Although that hatred is nothing more than the

gateway to some demons with which the leading family has lived for a long time.

Amazon Prime Video subscription is available here.

THE SNAKE (Netflix)

Believing himself smarter than others was the motive that led

Charles Sobhraj to swindle and murder as many Western tourists as they came his way in Southeast Asia.

In this eight-part series,

Tahar Rahim

once again demonstrates that his ability to blend in with his characters is admirable.

No matter how different they are.

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