• Apple is launching Apple Music Sing, its new karaoke service, for the holiday season.

  • Deployed at the same time as the new iOS16 update, the function will concern fifty playlists to start with.

  • On select iPhones, iPads and Apple TV 4K, Apple Music Sing will offer full functionality to sing like the pros, even as a duo.

Cardboard assured in the cottages at Christmas.

Apple is about to launch Apple Music Sing, a new karaoke feature on its Apple Music platform.

The idea is to offer its subscribers, in addition to the display of the lyrics present on many tracks, the possibility of having on the screen of their iPhone iPad or via their Apple TV 4K the display of the lyrics in real time.

And a little more.

Warm up your voice,

20 Minutes

was able to discover this service in preview!

Real karaoke sessions on iPhone

Did you dream of yelling at

All I Want for Christmas is You

by Mariah Carey?

To sing

Last Christmas

, by Wham?

To indulge in a very personal version of

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

by Michael Bublé?


In a few days, Apple will launch Apple Music Sing.

Announced on December 6, this new service will allow you to remember the lyrics and organize real karaoke sessions at home or at the office during the holidays.

Alone or in duo

Until now, Apple Music (like other platforms, like Spotify or Deezer) allowed you to display the lyrics of the songs you listened to on the music


site .

10 million songs would be affected.

And it was already not bad!

But the budding singers remained frustrated, often having trouble getting their voices perfectly in line with the lyrics.

With Apple Music Sing, these lyrics will be displayed in real time.

This is the principle of karaoke.

Thus, the gray text of the lyrics will light up, syllable by syllable, as it needs to be interpreted.

But to go further, Apple Music Sing will also allow, thanks to the icon of a small microphone, to reduce the voice of the original performer to make room for the music alone, and allow users to completely express themselves. their vocal talent.

Another possibility of Apple Music Sing, the display on the left and right of the screen of the words of each one when one wants to sing in duet.

Impossible to be wrong.

"Later in the month"

Explosion of joy among journalists and other influencers during the video presentation of Apple Music Sing which took place this week and in which

20 Minutes

took part.

Obviously, the feature is likely to be appreciated, especially during the festive events that are looming over the next few weeks.

Apple does not yet communicate the precise date of the official launch of Apple Music Sing and simply specifies that it will take place “later in the month”.

iOS 16 to open his microphone

In fact, we will have to wait for the future iOS 16.2 update, announced as major, which will soon be deployed.

And to take advantage of it, you will need at least an iPhone 11, a ninth generation iPad, a third generation 11-inch iPad Pro, a fifth generation 12.9-inch iPad or the new Apple TV 4K.

Moreover, if Apple does not indicate the number of musical titles concerned by Apple Music Sing, the firm promises fifty


including the most popular songs in the world.

Will there be at least one reserved for the French repertoire?

Finally, it would seem that it is not possible, or not yet possible, to record his vocal performances.

Which might not be so bad...

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