• No time, no desire... and yet, you have to do your housework regularly!

  • To make it easier for us, more and more robot vacuum cleaners are mopping the floors at the same time.

  • They can be found at all prices, depending on the level of performance desired: from 199 euros for the F9 from Dreame, to 999 euros for the brand new Roomba Combo j7+ from iRobot.

Long stagnant, sales of robot vacuum cleaners have exploded since the pandemic.

Still only equipping 5% of French homes in 2021, small appliances that do the housework on their own are gradually making their way into homes.

Last year, the sector's turnover jumped by 17.4%... and by 145% since 2017 (source: Gifam).

A sign of the times, Amazon announced this summer that it had bought iRobot, the historic brand of robot vacuum cleaners… for 1.7 billion dollars!

The web giant is thus expanding its offer around the connected home.

At the same time, competition is intensifying and robot vacuum cleaners that vacuum and wash at the same time are developing.

To help you save time on a daily basis,

20 Minutes

reveals four models suitable for all budgets and all surfaces.

The economy that cannot be saved: F9, by Dreame

With its F9, Dreame offers an entry-level vacuum cleaner that does not deserve anything.

Controllable via Wifi from an application, vacuuming and washing, it even maps the places it must clean before getting to work.

The device has a 0.4 liter collector and a 0.2 liter water reserve.

It offers different suction programs (Silent, Standard, Strong, Turbo) and adapts the quantity of water used depending on whether a light, medium or strong cycle has been launched.

Its autonomy is around 2h30 before it goes to recharge.

199 euros.

Our opinion:

If it does not offer advanced functions, such as object recognition, this robot defends itself rather very well in suction and can without flinching attack carpets or a little thick carpets.

It is even quite quiet.

Its washing function will be sufficient for small routine maintenance, but little more.

Without a laser rangefinder on top (Dreame preferred an optical lens, a little less precise, but more economical), it reduces its thickness accordingly.

Consequence: its 8 cm allow it to pass under almost any piece of furniture!

The suit at a contained price: Vac 2 Pro, by Yeedi

The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro vacuum cleaner and mop wants to offer top-of-the-range services at a contained price.

Offered with or without its emptying base in which it offloads the collected dust (capacity: 2.5 liters, or approximately one month of dust), the device maps the places it is asked to clean.

This prevents him from going back to the same place several times.

It can be used for suction alone, or for simultaneous suction and washing using an oscillating mop.

369 euros (489 euros with its base).

Our opinion:

If the overall performances of this device are satisfactory, they do not reach those of a top-of-the-range model.

And it remains necessary to add its washing module to it when you want to carry out a complete cleaning.

A somewhat cumbersome manual operation.

The ability to select the only rooms you want to clean, or to define areas to avoid via an application is significant.

The wily one watching the house: Roborock S6 Max V

Equipped with a dual camera to better understand obstacles and get around them, the Roborock S6 Max V vacuum cleaner and mop is suitable for good-sized homes.

Not only does its autonomy reach up to 3 hours in Silent mode, but its mapping system also allows it to memorize up to four floors in the house.

It offers five cleaning modes (Delicate, Quiet, Balanced, Turbo and Maximum) and different washing modes (one pass, low, medium, high).

Its stereoscopic vision also allows you to monitor your home from a distance

The application of this robot is quite elaborate, which allows you to choose in which order to clean the rooms (practical if you are teleworking and you do not want to be disturbed), but also with what cleaning intensity, or even to define areas with or without washing.

510 euros.

Our opinion:

This vacuum cleaner does a good job, even if, like its congeners, its washing function does not prevent the passage of a real mop in its home from time to time.

In addition to its laser rangefinder, its dual camera allows it to be precise in its avoidances, the robot even goes so far as to photograph the objects bypassed to notify us of them through its application!

Not necessarily always useful… and still perfectible, the embedded artificial intelligence sometimes being mistaken about the nature of the objects encountered.

Attention: this robot is quite thick: 9.6 cm in height.

The genius who washes only where it's needed: iRobot's Roomba Combo j7+

First vacuum and mop from iRobot, the new Roomba Combo j7+ has been long overdue.

But this two-in-one innovates with its retractable washing module: when the device detects a carpet, its wipe is lifted using an articulated arm and is positioned above the robot.

Impossible, thus, to dirty the beautiful white carpet of the living room with a damp and already dirty wipe.

Moreover, the new operating system OS 5.0 which equips this robot can detect up to 80 everyday objects… in order to better avoid them.

As a result, it will not drag the dog's water bowl along in its course!

But this j7+ will go even further: by detecting a toilet bowl or cat litter, it will improve its cleaning around them.

799 euros (999 euros with its base).

Our opinion:

Once well programmed, this robot knows how to be forgotten.

It will vacuum all the carpets in the house first, then focus on hard floors which it will vacuum and wash simultaneously.

Its charging and self-emptying base can swallow the equivalent of 60 days of dust.

Unfortunately, it will not recharge the robot with clean water, like others, like the Dreame L10s Ultra (1,199 euros) or the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra (1,499 euros) which do.

This operation is still manual here.

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