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couple in their 60s who ran a bear breeding farm without permission has died.

It is believed that he was attacked by a black bear who escaped his cage.

A bear escaped from this farm last year, but the Ministry of Environment belatedly investigated.

This is reporter Jeon Byeong-ju of UBC.


The entrance to the black bear breeding farm is closed.

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Last night (8th) at around 9:00 pm, a report was received from the daughter that she could not reach the farm owner, her parents in their 60s.

Police responding found three black bears escaping from the cage at the farm.

On the other side of the yard, the bodies of a farmer couple in their 60s who were presumed to have been attacked by a bear were also found.

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Three black bears were killed on the spot.

In May of last year, a black bear escaped from this farm and came down to a nearby vegetable garden.

At the time, it didn't show any aggressive tendencies when people approached it, so I sent it back, but this time it was different.

[Escaped bear capture team: There was one on the road, and I parked the car at the entrance and shot it, and it went up the mountain, staggering.]

In 2018, the farmer rented the killed Asiatic black bear from a farmhouse in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. known to have come.

It is known that this place has been operating even though it was not approved two years ago due to insufficient facilities.

Even after one escape commotion broke out, the punishment received so far was a fine of 6 million won, and the endangered Asian black bear was under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment, so Ulju-gun did not have the authority to force it.

After the accident, the Ministry of Environment conducted a thorough investigation of the facilities and safety management of bear breeding farms, while identifying unregistered breeding farms.

In the midst of this, a special bill to completely ban bear breeding from January 1, 2026 is pending in the National Assembly.

(Video coverage: Ahn Jae-young UBC)