Police have arrested a man in his 70s who is suspected of spraying inflammables on his ex and himself and setting them on fire.

The man was charged with stalking and was found to have committed the crime while being investigated.

Today (8th), the Dobong Police Station in Seoul announced that it was investigating and arresting Mr. A (77) on charges of arson and murder of a building in Hyeonju.

Mr. A is accused of visiting a shop in Dobong-gu run by his ex-girlfriend Mr. B (61) at 6:30 pm the previous day, spraying about 500 ml of inflammable substances on Mr. B and himself and setting them on fire.

The police believe that Mr. A set the fire to retaliate against Mr. B for reporting him for stalking.

As a result, victim B suffered first-degree burns and was being treated in a hospital and recovering, but perpetrator A suffered third-degree burns and was said to be in critical condition.

For this reason, it is known that the basic investigation of the suspect has not yet been conducted.

Previously, Mr. A had a history of being punished for violating the Stalking Punishment Act in July, and was booked twice on charges of continuing to visit and stalking Mr. B on the 30th of last month and on the 5th.

They are said to have been waiting for a police investigation on the 12th.

However, at Mr. B's request, the police did not take any measures to protect himself, such as deploying a patrol car or providing a smart location.

A police official said, "The report came in and we have been investigating it as stalking." "We plan to conduct a basic investigation after the suspect is discharged from the hospital."

The police are planning to figure out the exact circumstances of the incident based on the testimony of eyewitnesses and requests for appraisal of inflammable substances.