When it comes to the representative winter snack, Taiyaki cannot be left out.

There was a heated debate online over a stall selling Taiyaki.

Recently, a story has been posted on the online community that a taiyaki stall near a local bakery has been reported and is no longer in business.

The author asked for the opinions of netizens about reporting illegal stalls.

There are responses such as, 'It's winter, so don't you just skip it' and 'If you think about it, would you like to hold a stall on the street?' There are also opinions that there is no problem with reporting, such as 'This is not a taiyaki shop'.

Meanwhile, Taiyaki, a representative winter snack, is gradually disappearing.

This is because many stores are closing due to soaring raw material prices.

The price of taiyaki bread, which was once about 1,000 won for 3 pieces, has recently risen significantly to 2,000 won for 2 pieces and 2,000 won for 3 pieces.