During the last presidential election, Noh Jung-hee, former head of the National Election Commission, who was accused of poor management of pre-voting for confirmed and quarantined COVID-19 patients, was acquitted by the police.

The Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Investigation Unit of the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency announced that it had decided not to send 35 people, including former chairman Roh and former secretary-general Kim Se-hwan, who were accused of abuse of power, dereliction of duty, and violation of the Public Official Election Act.

The police explained that at the time, the officials of the National Election Commission could not be regarded as intentionally interfering with the voter's voting behavior, and that there may have been some shortcomings in pre-voting management, but that intentionality was not recognized, so criminal punishment was impossible.

In addition, it added that this decision was made in consideration of special circumstances, such as the fact that due to the spread of Corona 19, the circulation of general voters and confirmed/quarantined persons had to be separated in the polling station.

The police had been investigating a total of 18 complaints from civic groups from March to August. In the course of the investigation, several working-level officials from the National Election Commission were called in and investigated. He said he didn't do it.

(Photo = Yonhap News)