Prosecutors handed over nine gang members to trial.

They used violence on the street and went to the police station and asked to reduce the investigation.

Reporter Lee Jung-min of JTV covered the story.


A man in shorts rushes and assaults a man with his fists and feet.

The assault continues even after the man is knocked down on the road.

Last August, a member of the A-group in Gunsan assaulted a member of the B-group was captured on the road CCTV.

The place where the assault took place was an entertainment district in Gunsan.

An assault that started out as a brawl led to a retaliatory assault between the two organizations.

Members of faction B visited the apartment where members of faction A lived and beat them in retaliation.

The A wave also exchanged assaults between the two gangs, such as visiting a bar run by the other organization and assaulting a member of the organization.

The prosecution arrested a total of 9 people, including 7 members of the gang who participated in the crime.

During the investigation, one of the gang's executives went to the police station and demanded that the case be reduced in exchange for the attendance of the gang members.

[Oh Se-moon / Jeonju Prosecutor's Office, Gunsan Branch 1st Department Prosecutor: In cases where the boldness of violent organizations such as serial retaliatory assaults and requests for investigation were revealed, the prosecution conducted a direct investigation and severely punished the forces behind the violent organizations.]

Prosecutors decided to take strong measures by regulating acts of violence in entertainment districts and apartments as a representative crime that threatens people's daily lives.

(Video coverage: Kwon Man-taek JTV)