In the process of investigating a fraudulent couple selling second-hand luxury goods, it was bizarrely revealed that the wife actually married her husband by deceiving her husband as an heiress to a large sum of money.

The Ulsan District Prosecutor's Office announced that the husband, A, in his 30s, of a couple who was under arrest and investigation for stealing 116 million won by deceiving the victims by selling used luxury bags and jewelry (fraud) was cleared of charges and released today (8th). revealed.

Prosecutors initially saw both A and his wife, B, in their 20s as suspects and arrested them, but during the investigation, it was difficult to see that husband A had committed a crime, and rather, it was revealed that he was a victim of a fraudulent marriage deceived by his wife B.

According to the prosecution, Mr. B deceived herself as a 'heiress to a franchise coffee shop' in July of last year, and she married Mr. A.

Afterwards, Mr. B extorted 400 million won from Mr. A, saying, “I need money for an inheritance dispute.”

Mr. B even cheated on Mr. A and her in-laws as if she gave birth to her triplets in March of this year.

Mr. B took advantage of the fact that he was banned from visiting the hospital due to Corona 19, and showed her a photo of a baby with the mother's name fabricated and made her believe it.

At the same time, when Mr. B, who was engaged in fraudulent luxury goods, was arrested, he made a statement as if he had committed fraud with his husband Mr. A.

However, during the investigation, the prosecution confirmed that Mr. A was also a victim of fraudulent marriage through cell phone and account number analysis, while confessing that "I was deceived too."

An official from the prosecution said, "Mr. B's swindling of 400 million won through a fraudulent marriage was not prosecuted because it was impossible to be punished under the rules of kinship ceremonies.