A hit-and-run charge has been added to a driver who hit and killed a 3rd grade elementary school student in a children's protection zone (school zone) while driving drunk.

Gangnam Police Station in Seoul announced that it plans to arrest and send driver A in his 30s tomorrow morning by adding charges of escape and murder under the Special Act.

The police said, "Based on the black box and CCTV analysis, the suspect and witness statements, etc., we thoroughly investigated the circumstances of the accident, and after review by the investigative examiner and legal experts, we decided to add the charge of escape and death under the Special Act." In the event of an accident, the consensus was that the driver should immediately stop and get off the vehicle to provide relief."

Previously, the police applied for an arrest warrant for Mr. A on the 3rd, only applying charges of killing and dangerous driving in child protection areas under the Special Act and drunk driving under the Road Traffic Act.

After Mr. A parked at his home about 20 meters away from the scene of the accident, he returned to the scene in about 40 seconds, and after that, considering the fact that he asked the owner of a nearby flower shop to report it, it was seen that Mr. A had no intention of running away.

As a result, the victim's family members collected a petition demanding strict punishment and submitted it to the police station when the charge of hit-and-run was excluded.

The police said, "We apologize to the bereaved families for the part that caused confusion in the process of deriving the investigation results."

(Photo = Provided by parents of Eonbuk Elementary School, Yonhap News)