Thousands of crows invaded downtown Suwon this winter as well.

Citizens of Suwon are complaining of discomfort at the appearance of troublesome crows that visit around November every year and throw 'excrement baptism' until February of the following year.

In the video reported to SBS, a flock of black crows covered the sky and sat in a row on the power line of a telephone pole.

According to Suwon City, Gyeonggi Province today (8th), since the 5th of last month, about 5,500 crows have been spotted in Ingye-dong, Paldal-gu and Gwonseon-dong, Gwonseon-gu.

The rook is a migratory winter bird that lives in northern regions such as Siberia and Mongolia and migrates south during the winter.

It neither transmits diseases such as avian influenza (AI) nor attacks humans.

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However, as so many individuals move in groups, noise caused by cries and vehicle damage caused by excrement continue to occur.

A total of 52 complaints complaining of such inconveniences have been received since last month.

In response, Suwon City operates a rook extermination team consisting of 4 people to prevent rooks from staying in one place for a long time.

When a group is found while patrolling an area where rooks usually appear, they shoot a laser that the crows don't like and chase them away.

An official from Suwon City said, "There is no way to fundamentally block the arrival of rooks as it is a kind of natural phenomenon, but we will minimize the damage or inconvenience to citizens by mobilizing various methods, including an eradication group."

(Photos and videos = Provided by Sein Lee, provided by Suwon City)