There was a report that the test administered by the national institution was poorly prepared and poorly managed.

Because of this, the informant's efforts and studies were in vain, but the organizers only returned the test fee.

Reporter Sujin Yoon of G1 Broadcasting covered the story.


I gave 1.5 times more time and applied for the selection of the disabled, saying that test papers for the visually impaired were provided, but nothing was properly prepared.

This is the story of the Korean History Proficiency Test recently taken by Mr. A, a grade 3 blind person.

The test time, which I thought was 120 minutes as requested, suddenly decreased by more than 20 minutes on the same day.

[Korean History Proficiency Test Visually Impaired Applicant: He just gave me a basic test paper and said, 'I'm not this one', (the inspector) looked it up and said, 'There is no (test paper for the disabled)'.

'Then what the hell am I supposed to do?'


It was not enough to waste half of the test time, which was a waste of 1 minute and 1 second.

[Korean history proficiency test visually impaired: The test paper was too blurry when viewed through a magnifying reader.

Still, when they said they would give me more time, I said 'Let's do it', but as I tried to solve it, the test paper was cut...


In the end, the test was not even hurt and was eliminated.

I worked as a part-time teacher at a special school and dreamed of becoming a full-time teacher, but I couldn't even take the application exam because I ruined the Korean history test, which was a prerequisite.

[National History Compilation Committee (Supervised by the Korean History Proficiency Test): In any case, I tried my best on the site to help him complete the test by supporting his convenience as much as possible in the circumstances.]

The year's efforts have been in vain and we have to prepare for another year. However, all I received was a refund of the test fee and a promise to strengthen supervisor training.

[Korean history proficiency test blind applicant: I thought I could stick.

Because I studied that much.

It's very urgent this time...


(Video coverage: Lee Rak-chun G1 broadcast, CG: Lee Min-seok G1 broadcast)