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A series of scams are taking place by exploiting 'Carrot Pay', a simple remittance service of Carrot Market, a used trading platform.

Mr. A, who lives in Gyeonggi-do, tried to buy a 100,000 won department store mobile gift certificate for 90,000 won a while ago.

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The seller suggested, "Let's trade with Carrot Pay," and Mr. A thought that 'Carrot Pay' would be similar to the safe payment service used on other second-hand trading platforms, and immediately sent money.

However, when the money was sent, the post was deleted, and the seller did not send the gift certificate, but only received the money and lost contact.

It was only then that Mr. A found out that 'Carrot Pay' was a simple remittance service, not a safe payment service.

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The secure payment system is a service in which the transaction platform stores the amount paid by the buyer and transfers it to the seller when the buyer presses purchase confirmation after receiving the product.

Unlike this, 'Carrot Pay' is a service that transfers money directly to the other party through the 'Transfer' button without having to enter an account number.

Netizens said, "I was wrong too. The fraudulent method is getting more sophisticated day by day."

“These days, there are so many scams, big and small, that direct transactions are more convenient.”

and so on.