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Special Investigation Headquarters of the police, which is investigating the Itaewon disaster, summoned Ryu Mi-jin, then Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's situation manager, for the third investigation.

For former Yongsan Police Station chief Lee Im-jae, whose arrest warrant was previously dismissed, we plan to apply for an arrest warrant again after reinforcing the investigation.

This is reporter Kim Heung-soo.


On the day of the disaster, Superintendent Ryu Mi-jin, who was a situation manager at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, was summoned again to the Special Investigation Headquarters.

This is the third summon investigation following the 18th and 25th of last month.

At the time of the disaster, Superintendent Ryu was charged with reporting the incident belatedly as he worked in his office instead of in the situation room while on duty.

It is known that the special edition focused on investigating the poor management of the situation at the time of the disaster against Superintendent Ryu.

We plan to re-apply for arrest warrants for Lee Im-jae, former chief of the Yongsan Police Station, and Song Byeong-joo, former head of the Yongsan Police Station 112 Situation Department, whose arrest warrants were dismissed.

The special edition plans to supplement the legal composition of the charge of manslaughter on duty received by former chief Lee, and add the charge of falsely reporting the time he arrived at the scene immediately after the disaster.

Former chief Lee arrived at the Itaewon police box around 11:05 p.m., 50 minutes after the disaster, but the situation report prepared by Yongsan Police Station stated that he had arrived at the scene immediately after the disaster.

As the arrest warrants for two officers, including former chief Lee, were dismissed, the special edition plans to carry out reinforcement investigations on Yongsan-gu Office Chief Park Hee-young and Yongsan Fire Station Chief Choi Seong-beom, who reviewed the arrest warrant applications this week.

Meanwhile, the Itaewon disaster family group expressed regret over the dismissal of arrest warrants for two officers, including former chief Lee, and emphasized that for an investigation without sanctuary, warrants must be reapplied as soon as possible to secure new recruits.