In Korea, for the first time, health authorities have made an official statement regarding the lifting of indoor masks, which has been publicized by some local government heads.

As early as next month, we plan to lift the mandatory wearing of masks indoors, but we plan to announce specific plans within this month.

Reporter Yoo Seung-hyun reports.


Health authorities, who had announced that they would take off their indoor masks only in March next year due to concerns about the resurgence of corona and the flu in the winter, have moved up the schedule.

[Lee Sang-min / Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters 2nd Deputy Head: (Coming 9th) at the major script meeting, we plan to discuss the adjustment direction for the mandatory mask wearing, and we will prepare the final adjustment plan by the end of this month.

] The mandatory wearing of masks indoors will be lifted next month at the earliest.

[Baek Gyeong

-ran/Chief of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: If the standards are met in the future, the implementation period is expected to be between January next year at the earliest and March at the latest.]

This is because vaccination and natural infection have made the majority of the people equipped with defenses, and the global trend of easing quarantine was taken into account.

As a result of the SBS coverage, it was confirmed that the quarantine authorities predicted that the 7th epidemic would peak around early January, and that it was okay to take off the indoor mask when the trend was confirmed to be broken.

However, if it is determined that time is needed to confirm that the epidemic is declining and to expand vaccination, the timing of removing the mask may be slightly delayed.

[Baek Gyeong-ran/Chief of Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: I don't think the current epidemic

has reached a downward trend, and it still takes a little more time for older people to be vaccinated.]

For protection, it is expected that mandatory masks will be maintained in some places such as medical institutions.