Captain Son Heung-min apologized for not living up to expectations after losing to Brazil, but our players never have to be sorry or bow their heads.

Watching the World Cup, on the contrary, soothed the tired hearts of many people, and the miraculous drama that the national team showed was a great comfort.

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The first step toward the round of 16 on an expedition in 12 years.

Despite the cold, they ran out into the streets.

[Park Gyuri/Gwanak-gu, Seoul: I'm so excited and I hope we win.


Despite the loss in the second game against Ghana and the jeopardy of advancing to the round of 16, encouragement and expectations were ahead.

[Park Dae-hyeon/Seocho-gu, Seoul: Just as Park Ji-sung scored a goal in the past, I hope we can create a miracle and win and go up.]

The national team responded with a miraculous victory, and in Doha and Korea, we shed tears of the splendid achievement of the first round of 16 expedition in 12 years. and shared laughter.

Today (6th), the match against Brazil was the last at dawn, but I don't feel much regret.

[Jin Seong-min/Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do: I came during our Ghana game, but it was so fun even though it rained, and the game was regrettable, but I came because I thought it would be a good memory.] The

annual half-time has become a new all-night cheering culture, and the individualistic expedition cheering squad, from red goryongpo to Ikseon -gwan,

It caught the world's attention.

The propaganda of the Taegeuk Warriors also soothed the hearts exhausted by the corona and the national trauma of the Itaewon disaster that occurred right before the World Cup.

'The important thing is an unbreakable heart.'

'There is no giving up' and the fighting spirit of the players, which spread through SNS, have become synonymous with the word 'can do'.

[Kwak Geum-joo/Professor of Psychology, Seoul National University: You can feel collective catharsis, where many people come together to relieve collective depression or anxiety.

Personally, wasn't each goal much more meaningful than the 2002 World Cup...


77,000 people who gathered at the plaza, laughed and cried together, and the last two weeks of heartbreak ended with white snow, leaving behind the gift of hope, cheers, and consolation.

[Kim Hae-rin/Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do: Regardless of the outcome, I think we enjoyed watching it thinking that we were going to make pleasant memories.]

(Video coverage: Choi Jun-sik, Video editing: Park Jeong-sam)