A passenger tried to board a subway with a shopping cart, but the front wheel of the shopping cart got caught between the platform and the train, causing the train to be delayed for a while.

According to the Seoul Transportation Corporation, on the evening of the 30th of last month, the front wheel of a shopping cart got stuck between the train and the platform while the train was running down from Nowon Station on Subway Line 7, and train service was suspended for a while.

At the time, the control center, which confirmed the fact that the shopping cart was caught, stopped the train in preparation for an emergency and then disembarked all passengers in the train.

In addition, the operation of the train that followed was stopped, and while waiting for the dispatch of 119, employees such as Nowon Station Manager tried to take out the shopping cart directly.

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If you look at the video filmed by a citizen at the scene and posted on social media, you can see food ingredients such as cabbage spilling inside the subway and staff trying to get out the jammed shopping cart outside the train.

In the process, dangerous situations such as sparks flying between the platform and the train continued, and some citizens even stopped the staff saying it was dangerous.

However, at the point where the train was delayed, the employees risked electric shock and tried to take out the shopping cart, and eventually the citizens around them shouted "Let's push the train together" and helped.

The shopping cart managed to get out between the platform and the train as the surrounding citizens and station staff pushed the stopped train together.

A citizen who filmed the scene was angry at the passenger who brought the cart, saying, "I hope you will be punished properly."

He added, "Those who helped me shouted that they could die if they were electrocuted, stopped them, and everyone around them came and pushed the subway and made a fuss, but there was no sign of sorry."

Another netizen who was at the scene at the time said, "I ride the subway every day, but it's the first time I've seen this."

It is known that the passenger in question caused this accident while trying to board the subway with a cart owned by a nearby mart, and then went outside without boarding the train again.

(Photo = Twitter)