It was caught during the police investigation that the general manager of the site ignored the order of the Seoul Transportation Corporation headquarters to review the subway without stopping before the Itaewon disaster occurred.

The Police Special Investigation Headquarters (special edition) announced that it was investigating Lee Kwon-soo, head of the Seoul Transportation Corporation's Dongmyo Sales Office, on charges of negligent manslaughter in the business.

The police are investigating the case by applying charges of negligent manslaughter on the job, judging that Chief Lee did not follow his superior's order to review the non-stop passage through Itaewon Station on the evening of October 29, the day of the disaster, which resulted in increased loss of life.

Over 43,000 people poured through Itaewon Station in the 4 hours immediately before the disaster, but the police special edition judged that the main cause of the crushing accident was that Director Lee ignored the instructions.

The head of Dongmyo Sales Office is in charge of managing and supervising the section between Hyochang Park Station and Bonghwasan Station on Seoul Subway Line 6.

According to the Seoul Transportation Corporation, the number of people who got off at Itaewon Station on the same day increased rapidly from 5:00 pm, and it was found that more than four times the crowd than usual.

The police special edition believes that on the day of the disaster, the density of the area soared as most of the passengers exited through exits 1 and 2, which are connected to the alley where the accident occurred.

It was investigated that Director Lee went to Itaewon Station, expecting crowds to gather on the day, and observed the situation at the scene, but did not take any action.

Seoul Transportation Corporation's Business Office and Station Business Rules stipulate that if passenger safety is concerned due to congestion of passengers, disturbances, or unusual situations, the station manager can report the situation to the general control center and request non-stop passage.

The special edition of the police judges that Chief Lee, who manages and supervises the entire Itaewon Station business, should have reviewed the non-stop passage.

An official from the special edition said, "The fact that director Lee ordered the Itaewon station manager to review the non-stop passage has not been confirmed."

The special edition looks into the discussion process of Seoul Transportation Corporation employees surrounding the no-stop passage, including the previous prosecution of Itaewon Station Manager Song Eun-young on charges of manslaughter on the job, and the summoning and investigation of the team leader of the general control center who worked on the day of the disaster.

In the special version, four police officers, including former Yongsan Police Station chief Lee Im-jae, who are being interrogated before arrest at 2:00 p.m. no see.

According to the Basic Disaster Safety Act, the special edition judged that the ward office and fire authorities had the primary responsibility to prepare for and provide relief in disasters.

An official from the special edition said, "The primary responsibility for local festivals lies with local governments, regardless of the presence or absence of an organizer."

(Photo = Yonhap News)