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▲ Sexual harassment remarks revealed on Twitter

 Controversy is brewing as the fact that teachers suffered sexual harassment through the 'Teacher Ability Development Evaluation', which is conducted at the educational authority level, spread through social media.

On the 2nd, a user with the nickname of 'Teacher Evaluation Public Discussion on Sexual Harassment Damage' appeared on social media and appealed for damage, saying that sexual harassment remarks were made against female teachers in a teacher evaluation conducted against students and parents of a high school in Sejong City.

Since its introduction in 2010, the teacher competency development evaluation, which has been conducted every November, surveys teachers' satisfaction with learning and guidance through anonymous multiple-choice and free-answer questions. has committed

Previously, the Ministry of Education improved the teacher competency development evaluation system last year, and decided not to deliver the entire answer to the teacher if abusive language was included in a free-form question, and implemented a banned word filtering system. This information was passed on to the teacher.

If you look at the sexual harassment remarks released through social media, there are many expressions that directly refer to or belittle the teacher's body parts, starting with the words "Kim Jong-un's joy."

In response, the victims' teachers suggested to the school that 'if the fact of sexual harassment is publicized for the guidance of the student who committed the crime and the student is given an opportunity to surrender, they will not file a complaint', but the school concluded that it could not be done.

The school said that it was impossible to publicize it for reasons such as 'new harm may occur' and 'words may spread among students'.

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Schools and education offices also showed a position that it was difficult to investigate or punish the sexual harassment remarks because of anonymity, and eventually the victim teachers had to finish the work by filing a report with the cyber investigation team.

The user who wrote the article said, "Female teachers who were exposed to sexual crimes faced a situation where only students' human rights and learning rights were guaranteed and worried even in situations where they were victimized." Should teachers who tolerate this kind of sexual harassment have to 'accept' and 'understand' and move on?" he lamented.

He also conveyed the current situation, saying, "Teachers who have been harmed should be concerned about the secondary harm of 'reacting sensitively and raising work' in this situation."

When this fact was reported, the teachers' union emphasized that such sexual harassment remarks were not new to teachers, and said, "Contrary to the Ministry of Education's intention, the teacher competency development evaluation does not contribute to the professional development of teachers, but rather gives teachers a sense of inferiority and humiliation. " he pointed out.

At the same time, he added, "The Ministry of Education should accuse the perpetrator of cyber defamation and contempt under the criminal law."

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