• ET has not aged a bit, it must be said that he already had a very wrinkled face forty years ago.

    On the occasion of the anniversary of its theatrical release in France on December 1, 1982,

    20 Minutes

    returns to extraterrestrial phenomena explained or not.

  • In the Alpes-Maritimes, the Col de Vence, at an altitude of nearly 1,000, has become one of the "hotspots of France" in terms of unexplained phenomena.

  • In 1994, the observation of a luminous triangle in this patch of sky on the Côte d'Azur was the subject of television reports.

At night, from up there, at an altitude of almost 1,000 m, the lights of the city seem far away.

The Col de Vence, in the middle of the Alpes-Maritimes, is a little away from civilization.

High place for cycling enthusiasts regularly crossed by the Paris-Nice, this natural area also regularly brings together enthusiasts of a completely different sport: UFO hunting.

Or rather the hunt for "Pan", unidentified aerospace phenomena, "as it should be said now", rectifies Serge Tinland.

This 59-year-old Azurean, aspiring candidate for the last presidential election for which he called for massive investment in the "search for extraterrestrial intelligence", is a regular at the place.

He is even part of a group, Les invisibles du col de Vence (ICDV), which regularly watches over the place in the hope of gaining new experiences.

But they are certainly not cranks.

They know how to make sense of things, explains the one who presents himself as a ufologist, an investigator.

The appearance of a "jellyfish" in 2009 was in fact the work of a "forger" that these specialists had flushed out.

A hoax which signs in any case the reputation of the site, which has become one of the "hotspots of France" in terms of unexplained phenomena, supports Serge Tinland.

Sometimes covered with a thick fog which adds to its legend, visited by the curious of its "village of Idols", a set of limestone rocks where cosmic energies would reach peaks, the Col de Vence would indeed be the scene of unexplained apparitions .

“A triangle, a dark mass through which the stars could no longer be seen”

"Some saw lights, others even had the chance to see structures," he says.

The panel of observations is quite wide.

He has, in fact, been fueled for decades.

It is a testimony recorded in 1994, at the end of winter, which would have turned the attention of these hunters to the pass.

That year, on the evening of March 5, Pierre Beake, already greatly interested in the immensity of space and its secrets, went there with his wife, his son and a friend.

They all settle in, ready to gaze at the stars for a good part of the night.

When suddenly, he will explain to the gendarmes the next day, at the stroke of 11 p.m., two lights appear.

Then another.

"These three lights were arranged in such a way as to form a triangle", "a dark mass through which the stars could no longer be seen", he describes in a preliminary investigation report.

“The machine” would then have “moved” towards the small group “without any engine noise”.

A suspended moment of a minute and a half before the lights dim "simultaneously", "then go out".

His friend testifies in the same terms.

UFO or no UFO?

The gendarmerie closed the case nineteen days later, after "a discreet investigation" carried out on the spot, but which "did not make it possible to collect any new element or testimony".

Since then, the Geipan, the Study and Information Group on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena, has classified this case among its 982 cases of “unidentified phenomenon” by “lack of data”.

Only two testimonials compiled by the Geipan

At the time, Pierre Beake was sure that what he saw was nothing out of the ordinary.

The television devotes reports to him.

And visits to this spot are increasing.

With always regular anomalies, assures Serge Tinland.

Including lately.

"An unconventional aerial phenomenon" would thus "return at least twelve times in half a year, until the beginning of 2020".

Supporting photos taken the night of September 8, 2019, he describes a "main object" with three orange-yellow lights aligned and, just behind, a "red follower" which ends up "moving away, very slowly and without noise ".

This observation was not transmitted to Geipan, whose website only mentions two testimonies concerning the Col de Vence: one recorded in March 1994 and another sent in 2016 on strange lights seen above the sea. The organization had then concluded to a “probable observation of two cruise ships”.

Invited by

20 Minutes

to speak on this Riviera site, this branch of CNES (the French National Center for Space Studies), did not respond.

"We don't send them anything.

In any case, they do not investigate”, cuts sharply the framework of the ICDV.

“The derision on this subject is over”

Yet the documents that attest to these multiple observations, there are dozens, according to Serge Tinland.

On its website, the group shared only a few photos, no video.

The former presidential candidate had indeed offered to send one, taken by another member of the ICDV, to

20 Minutes


"I don't think she's available right away," he finally explained.

But then why not make all these elements public, if they are convincing, just to silence the skeptics?

He eludes: “It's over misunderstandings, mockery and derision on this subject.

It's over.

We are no longer there since June 25, 2021 and the release of the Pentagon report which provides details on many flybys of absolutely unknown objects.

It's a reality.

A research project has also been launched since July 25, 2021, by 30 renowned universities, and in particular Harvard, to answer this question: what are these objects?


Galileo “for the systematic scientific search for evidence of extraterrestrial technological artifacts” received private funding of $1.8 million at launch.

Last September, its officials announced that they had obtained a new envelope to organize an expedition to recover fragments of the first interstellar meteor, which fell to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Will they then come to investigate at the Col de Vence?

Local enthusiasts hope so.

If the truth is elsewhere, for them, it is partly here that we must begin to seek it.


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