Traffic congestion is a concern as large-scale rallies and marches are scheduled to be held throughout the city on the weekend, including Sejong-daero and Uisadang-daero.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, the Free Unification Party, a conservative group led by Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon, will hold a rally to 'kill the injection wave' in front of Donghwa Duty Free Shop on Sejong-daero from 1:00 noon tomorrow (3rd).

At 4:00 p.m., the 17th Candlelight Parade will be held from City Hall Station to the main road in front of Sungnyemun Gate, hosted by the Candlelight Transition Movement.

After the rally, the group will march to Sungnyemun Gate - Bank of Korea - Jonggak - Sejong Intersection - Daehanmun Gate.

Assemblies and marches, the Bank of Korea intersection-Euljiro entrance intersection, the lower 3 lanes, the Euljiro entrance intersection-Jonggak station intersection, the lower 2 lanes, and the Sungnyemun-Bank of Korea intersection intersection, etc. are controlled.

In Yeouido, several rallies are scheduled, such as the National Bus Workers' Convention hosted by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions' Public Transportation Union at 12:00 noon, the National Farmers' Convention hosted by the National People's Action at 1:00 noon, and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions' National Workers' Convention at 2:00 noon.

Two lanes of Yeoui-daero and an underground road in Yeouido will be controlled.

The police will install about 62 signboards and deploy 310 traffic police officers in the assembly and march sections.

A police official said, "If possible, use public transportation such as the subway, and if you use a vehicle, please check traffic information in advance."

Detailed traffic conditions during assembly hours can be checked through the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency traffic information phone (☎ 700-5000), the traffic information center website (, or KakaoTalk (Seoul Police Traffic Information).