Nine people were handed over to trial for habitual use of cannabis and supplying it to others.

The grandchildren of the founder of Namyang Dairy Products, third-generation Hyosung families, celebrities, and international students were included, but the investigation may be expanded.

This is reporter Hong Young-jae.


Last October, a hotel underground parking lot in Seoul.

A man opens the passenger side door of a car.

CCTV footage caught a 40-year-old man named Hong, the grandson of Namyang Dairy's late founder, honorary chairman Hong Doo-young, selling hemp to someone in a car.

It was last September that the police arrested a 30-year-old surnamed Kim for arranging marijuana trafficking.

The prosecution, which was conducting a supplementary investigation of the hemp distribution route, additionally arrested drug dealers who bought hemp from Mr. Kim.

Hong and American singer Ahn, who bought hemp from Kim, were caught, and Jo, a third-generation Hyosung family member who bought hemp from Hong and others, and the son-in-law of a financial holding company were also put on trial.

Singer Ahn, who was handed over to trial, was found to have been living with her underage children and openly growing hemp at home.

Most of the nine indicted people were found to have continued to smoke marijuana after returning home after first encountering marijuana while studying abroad.

Namyang Dairy Products and Hyosung drew the line that those accused were not directly related to the group.

The prosecution plans to continue the investigation without excluding the possibility of additional involvement of other third-generation conglomerates and celebrities.

In particular, the prosecution said that hemp will be strictly cracked down as it is classified as a so-called 'introductory drug' that leads to addictive drug use like methamphetamine.

(Video editing: Park Chun-bae)