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An accident occurred in which illegal pornographic videos were played for several minutes on bus monitors with elementary school students on board.

The school is conducting individual counseling for students' emotional stability.

According to the Gumi Office of Education on the 1st, the accident occurred on the 22nd of last month while 6th graders from an elementary school in Gumi, Gyeongbuk went to Busan for a one-day experience study and returned to school.

About 30 male and female students in the 6th grade were on board at the time, and suddenly an illegal obscene video started playing on the TV monitor in the bus.

The instructor was also on board, but he was unaware that the illegal video had been played for a while, and the video was stopped due to the students' disturbance.

It is known that the accident occurred when the driver's cell phone was linked to the monitor on the bus.

On the day of the accident, the school conducted counseling for the affected students, and a health teacher and a counselor specializing in psychology at the Office of Education are providing psychological treatment in turn.

In addition, while reporting to the Gumi Office of Education and the police officer in charge of the school, we are checking whether it falls under child abuse, and we have terminated the contract with the transportation company and demanded that the driver be fired.

In response, the Office of Education announced that it would consult with the school and devise a plan to prevent trauma from occurring, with the psychological stability of students as the top priority.