An accident occurred in which pornographic videos were played on the monitor of a bus carrying elementary school students.

According to one media, the accident occurred on the 22nd on a bus with 30 6th grade students from an elementary school in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province.

The students were on their way back to school after a field trip.

At the time, the guidance teacher was also on the bus, but he was unaware of the fact that the illegal video had been released for a while, and the video was stopped due to the students' disturbance.

It was found that the accident occurred when the driver's mobile phone was linked to the monitor on the bus.

The school principal conducted group counseling for the affected students on the day of the accident.

The next day, the health teacher held three group counseling sessions, and individual counseling is also ongoing.

The school is reporting this incident to the Gumi Office of Education and the school police officer, while also checking whether it is child abuse.

It also terminated the contract with the transportation company and demanded that the driver be fired.