During this World Cup, the performance of the Korean national soccer team was demonstrated through graphic maps and pass maps.

Let's take a look at the most viewed articles together.

The soccer infographic pass map is a kind of build-up map that summarizes how 11 players played the game for 90 minutes.

The average location where the player touched the ball is indicated by each dot, and the arrows between the dots indicate the passes exchanged between the two players.

This is the Qatar World Cup pass map released by an online soccer data analysis site.

On the left is Uruguay in blue, but we couldn't cross the center line properly.

On the other hand, the red Korea can move up towards the opposition midfield and see almost every player involved in the passing.

In the game against Ghana, all 11 Korean players are connected by arrows.

Soccer fans were surprised that they had seen it at Manchester City, an English professional soccer club that is considered to be the perfect form of build-up soccer.

However, it is regrettable that the beautiful passmap shape did not lead to good results.