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A former police administrative official who manipulated commuting times to earn 15 million won in overtime pay was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence.

The manipulation of commute times has been carried out for over three years.

Today (30th), the 15th detective of the Incheon District Court (Judge Park Young-ki) sentenced former police administrative officer A (54, female), who was charged with forgery and fraud, to 6 months in prison and 2 years of probation. revealed.

From December 2017 to February last year, Mr. A was prosecuted for accessing the Incheon Police Agency's overtime management system at a police station office in Incheon and falsely correcting the commute time 590 times.

He was also accused of receiving and stealing over 15 million won in falsely applied for overtime during the same period.

At the time, it was investigated that Mr. A had the authority to access the management system account in charge of applying for overtime pay for his fellow general public officials.

Mr. A has been committing crimes by accessing the overtime management system and correcting the work time automatically entered at around 7:30 pm through his face recognition device to 9 pm.

After his crime was discovered, Mr. A quit his administrative job and is now known to be unemployed.

The judge explained the reason for the sentencing, saying, "The defendant's guilt is not light," but "I have admitted all my mistakes and I am reflecting, and I have considered the fact that I have returned the unfairly received overtime pay and paid all the compensation."

This is not the first case of public officials taking unfair advantage by falsely manipulating overtime hours.

Last month, police officers and police administrative officials who shared 178 million won by inflating overtime pay for several years were sentenced to fines and suspended prison sentences, respectively.