This time, let's look at how the negotiations are going.

Both sides of Seoul Transportation Corporation's labor and management sat face to face again a little while ago, and we will find out more details by connecting reporters.

Reporter Kim Sang-min, we couldn't come to a conclusion in the negotiations last night (29th). How is the atmosphere at the negotiating room today?


Negotiations between the labor and management of Seoul Transportation Corporation, which broke down last night, are scheduled to begin shortly.

Until today, there was no noticeable movement to resume negotiations, but the union received a request from the management to meet and talk.

Yesterday, the management presented a compromise plan that would not implement the manpower restructuring plan to reduce 1,539 people by 2026 at least until this year, but the union failed to reach an agreement as they demanded that the manpower reduction plan be withdrawn instead of a 'temporary reservation'.

It seems that the issue of today's negotiations will also be this part.


Then, what is the reason why labor and management cannot easily find an agreement?


First of all, the big reason seems to be that the interpretation of 'forced restructuring' is mixed with each other.

Transportation Corporation's labor and management made a special agreement last year that "we will not undergo forced restructuring due to the financial crisis," but the union claims that the management's manpower reduction plan violated this agreement.

On the other hand, the management is in the position that it is not a forced restructuring because there is no direct layoff even though the business is transferred to a subsidiary.

The key is how to reach an agreement with the union, which says that transferring safety-related tasks such as mobile inspection teams to subsidiaries or entrusting track maintenance tasks for some subway lines to specialized companies is practically equivalent to forced restructuring.

In the midst of this, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon dismissed the union's request for direct negotiations, defining the strike as a 'political strike'.

(Video coverage: Park Hyeon-cheol · Lee Chan-soo, video editing: Yoon Tae-ho)