David Montagné 3:23 p.m., November 30, 2022

According to information from Europe 1, a police officer was assaulted on Tuesday evening in Versailles as he returned to his home.

He had just reported to a motorist his bad parking.

The latter's companion then threatened him and stabbed him in the back.

The couple are currently on the run. 

According to information from Europe 1, a peacekeeper who was not in uniform and who was returning to his home, was attacked last night in Versailles by a man armed with a saber.

The assault follows a remark made by the police to a motorist to inform her that she was parked incorrectly.

His companion, then on the way to the vehicle, then got carried away.

Very vehement, he was threatening towards the policeman by brandishing a saber in his hand.

The couple are on the run

As the policeman backed away and fell to the ground, the suspect took the opportunity to strike him in the back with the flat of the blade of the saber without hurting him.

The policeman, off duty, then got up, taking out his service weapon and declined his quality.

The assailant and his partner managed to escape.

Despite searches, they have so far not been found.

The victim filed a complaint.

Information confirmed to Europe 1 by the Versailles prosecutor's office, which however specifies that in view of the first elements, "the attack would not be linked to his quality as a police officer".