This is a major specificity of Twitter that could soon disappear.

On the social network, Elon Musk, its new CEO, has indicated several times that he is ready to abandon the limit of 280 characters per tweet, reports Phonandroid.

The American billionaire is very active on Twitter, where he answers questions and offers from Internet users.

Recently, several users asked him about the possibility of increasing the limit on the number of characters per tweet, up to 1,000 characters sometimes, or even removing it.

Each time, Elon Musk responded favorably.

It's on the to-do list

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 28, 2022

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No official decision

When it was created in 2006, Twitter required its users to write tweets in a maximum of 140 characters – a figure linked to the maximum capacity of an SMS.

In 2017, that limit was raised to 280, much to the chagrin of some who saw it as the loss of what made the social network so special.

No official announcement has been made on this possible change, other than Elon Musk's vague statements on Twitter.

After laying off employees en masse and restoring many suspended accounts, we know that the billionaire is ready to do anything to shape the social network as he sees fit – and please users to avoid losing them.

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