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Three people were indicted without detention for the false accusation that a foreign sailor pushed and injured a security guard.

Today (30th), the 4th detective division of the Incheon District Prosecutor's Office (Chief Prosecutor Kim Hyung-won) announced that it had prosecuted without detention two security guards in their 60s, including A (52) and B (66), representatives of the shipping agency.

They are accused of pretending that security guard B accidentally fell and suffered a spinal fracture on the second floor of a motel in Michuhol-gu, Incheon in April, and that Croatian sailor C pushed him.

Mr. A was entrusted with the protection of the Italian national ship that Mr. C was on, and hired security guards such as Mr. B. It turned out that he made a statement to the effect that he intentionally pushed Mr. B down.

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▲ The above photo has no direct relation to the content of the article.

Previously, foreign sailor C was arrested by the police on charges of dropping and injuring B (injury) and was sent to the prosecution in April.

However, in a case where the statements of the victims and witnesses were the only evidence, the prosecution, suspecting that the statements of these gangs kept changing, released Mr. C, a foreign sailor, and conducted a search and seizure of Mr. A and others.

In the process, the prosecution found a cell phone recording file in which they discussed 'how to respond to the prosecution's investigation', and handed over three people, including Mr. A, to trial without detention.

An official from the prosecution said, "We conducted a supplementary investigation of the case of arresting foreigners who could not exercise their right to defend themselves, and quickly released Mr. C and returned to his homeland."