A Taekwondo gym director was arrested by the police for allegedly committing sex crimes against elementary school students for several months.

The Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency recently arrested and sent a man in his 30s, who is the director of a Taekwondo gym, on charges of violating the Special Law, and handed the case over to the prosecution, which was confirmed as a result of SBS coverage.

Mr. A is accused of committing sex crimes against officials at his Taekwondo gym over a period of about five months from July to November.

There are a total of four victims, all of whom are elementary school students under the age of 13.

After class, Mr. A called the victims separately and was found to have committed the crime inside the Taekwondo gym.

Mr. A's criminal behavior was revealed when the victim students revealed the fact during the school counseling process.

More detailed news will be delivered in <SBS 8 News> in a while.