On the 28th, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission closed the so-called 'Cheongdam-dong late-night drinking party' public interest report case.

According to the Twitter account of Mr. A, the whistleblower of the allegation, and an ACRC official, on the 28th, the ACRC sent an official letter to Mr. A to notify him of the closure of the case.

In an official document, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission said, “(Mr. A) made a request to supplement (data) because it was difficult to confirm the fact of violation (conflict of interest by a public official) with only the data already submitted, but (the report case) was closed because there was no supplement to the reported content.” revealed.

According to the official document, it seems that Mr. A did not submit supplementary materials to prove the suspicion.

On the 8th, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission announced in a press release, "We received an application for protection of the reporter from the informant (Mr. A) of the 'Cheongdam-dong drinking party' in October, and are currently reviewing the requirements for recognition and protection of public interest whistleblowers."

With the end of the case, it is expected that the public interest whistleblower protection application will be naturally dismissed.

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Mr. A is the ex-boyfriend of cellist B, who claims to have witnessed the 'Cheongdam-dong drinking party'.

Mr. A shared the contents of the phone call with Mr. B, including an eyewitness account of Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon having a late-night drinking party at a high-end bar in Cheongdam-dong with President Yoon Seok-yeol and 30 lawyers from Kim & Chang on July 19-20 to Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Eui-gyeom. Provided.

Cellist B is said to have stated in a recent police investigation that "I lied to deceive my ex-boyfriend."

(Photo = Twitter capture, Yonhap News)