At Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul where it rained last night (28th), cheers and sighs were mixed.

Citizens who cheered for our national team even in the rain gave applause and support to our players who did their best to the end, even though they lost unfortunately.

This is reporter Park Ye-rin. 


Despite the heavy rain, Gwanghwamun Square was filled with citizens who gathered to cheer on the streets.

[Kim Kyung-bae/Incheon Seo-gu: I really want to win.

I mean it.]

In the first half, a series of balls from Ghana shook our net, and we sighed.

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But the cheering didn't stop.

[Lee Chae-young/Seoul Eunpyeong-gu: (In the second half) I hope we can get to the station by bringing the flow of the atmosphere through the replacement players.]

The second half has just started, and the enthusiasm of the citizens wearing raincoats despite the inclement weather It's still hot.

In the 12th and 15th minutes of the second half, Kyu-Sung Cho's header goals continued to split Ghana's net, making the score 2-2.

At chicken restaurants and theaters, citizens united and shouted for the Republic of Korea at the top of their voices.

The joy was short-lived, allowing Ghana to counterattack again, and eventually lost 3-2 after a 90-minute bloody battle, leaving a great disappointment.

However, the citizens comforted the national team, saying, "We fought well even though we lost."

[Yunseong Lim/Seocho-gu, Seoul: Our players attacked a lot while regaining confidence, but it's a bit unfortunate that we lost.

(For the game against Portugal) I hope we can win by preparing well.]

It is expected that the Red Devils' fervent cheers and cheers will continue in the game against Portugal on the 3rd of next month.