Bad news for French Twitter users: new personal data stolen a few months ago are circulating on the Web.

The information, revealed on November 24 by an account specializing in cybersecurity, was confirmed by the media

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The data of 5.4 million users of the social network had leaked last July.

It turns out that not all of them had been put up for sale immediately, reports



Indeed, 1.4 million profiles have been shared privately between several hackers and are now circulating online.

The personal data leak of 5.5 million twitter accounts last July raises questions about a possible violation of #GDPR, including the duration of data retention:

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A risk of scam or phishing

Unfortunately for us, all these profiles are French.

Among the personal data in free circulation, there are thousands of telephone numbers with the code +33 (that of French territory).

Two hackers are said to be behind the exploitation of the flaw and the transfer of user data.

But today, many scammers are said to be in possession of these numbers.

It is impossible to verify whether you are one of the victims of the leak, but this data can be used for phishing campaigns or scams.

It is therefore strongly recommended to check any email or text message allegedly coming from Twitter.

The social network did not react to these revelations.

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