The police seized and searched the cargo union in relation to the incident in which an iron ball flew into a non-union member cargo vehicle operating in Busan New Port.

The Busan Metropolitan Police Agency said today (29th) that it has seized and searched the Busan New Port cargo solidarity tent, broadcasting vehicle, and cargo solidarity Gimhae, where the cargo solidarity rally is taking place.

The police obtained the driving log of the vehicle belonging to the cargo regiment that was witnessed near the crime scene in this search and seizure.

At the time of the incident, the cargo solidarity vehicle was facing the opposite side of the non-union vehicle, and it is known that the iron beads in question flew around the time the cargo solidarity vehicle approached.

In this search and seizure, spare iron beads were also secured.

Two iron beads of about 1.5 cm, which were estimated to have been used in the previous crime, were found near the crime scene, and a detailed identification has been requested from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NFS).

The search and seizure proceeded without much friction with the cooperation of the cargo union.

The police carried out a search and seizure today to secure evidence of the cargo union's involvement in the incident on the 26th in which objects believed to be iron beads flew into two non-union member cargo vehicles.

At the time, the windshields of two cargo vehicles were broken due to the incident, and one cargo driver was injured, such as scratching his neck.

The police plan to apply charges such as property damage if the suspect is identified.

Meanwhile, at around 11:49 pm on the 27th, an egg flew into the front window of a non-union worker trailer that was operating on the road in front of Sinseondae Pier, Nam-gu, Busan, and the police are investigating.

(Photo=provided by readers, Yonhap News)