▲ Engineer Shim Seung-bo received a certificate of appreciation

It was reported that a courier driver prevented a major fire while working based on his interest in neighbors. 

CJ Logistics announced today (29th) that it delivered a letter of appreciation to Shim Seung-bo, a courier driver who received a commendation from the Wonju Fire Station for preventing a large-scale fire with a prompt report.

The CJ Logistics Courier Co-prosperity Committee, a consultative body for workers in the delivery industry, such as delivery drivers, also recognized the contribution to social safety and delivered the prize together. 

Mr. Shim, who works as a delivery driver for CJ Logistics in Wonju, Gangwon-do, entered a commercial house building on the 1st to do delivery work, and smelled an unusual smell from the first floor.

The smell got worse and worse, and Shim stopped what he was doing and informed the landlord who lived in the same building. 

He said that the building smelled a bit like burning, so he communicated his concern that someone had burned the food to the effect that he had contacted them for his regards. 

After being reported and dispatched, 119 found a frying pan and food burning on a gas stove in an empty house.

As the owner left the house without knowing that the gas stove was turned on, it was a situation that could lead to a major accident and loss of life if Shim's prompt report was not made. 

Mr. Shim said, "Before working as a courier, I worked as a safety officer at a ski resort for 14 years and had experience in facility management and lifesaving work, so I immediately decided that it was dangerous." He seems to have reacted sensitively." 

He said, "As a courier driver is a job that visits door to door and works, I always thought that there would be many things I could contribute to society based on my capabilities," he said. said. 

(Photo = Provided by CJ Logistics)